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Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment
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The ultimate anti-aging facial treatment that leaves the skin clearer with improved texture, softening of wrinkles leaving the skin glowing and radiant. 

This treatment combines seven phases remarkable that stimulate the production of collagen elastin targeting specific problem areas from crows feet and eye bags, wrinkles on forehead, creases around the mouth, sagging chin line, and even skin tone. Using Micro-mode -- a tiny microcurrent which helps to tone, lift and re-educate muscles back to the original position.  It also stimulates blood circulation to counteract dryness for a more glowing and radiant skin producing immediate and dramatic results.

*Preventive and/or corrective treatment minimum of 10 - 15 treatments
Premium Face & Body Treatment Package
Treatments generally run as a course of treatments, averaging between 10 and 15 treatments. Some clients will need more and some clients will require less; this will depend on the client's skin tissue and muscle tone. It will not depend on a client's age! 

On completion of one course another course is not necessary, providing that the client returns for a booster / maintenance treatment, which on average is once a month or 4 - 6 weeks. 

This Premium Face & Body Treatment Package includes 60 mins of Ultra Anti Aging Facial with 30 mins of specially recommended  Facial Treatment or Masque and a 30 mins Body Treatment of your choice for Ultimate Anti Aging experience!