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“I liked the treatment very much, feel very relaxed and my skin looks great. The salon is nice and clean with friendly staff. My esthetician was sweet, she explained everything in detail and answered all my questions. Overall 5 stars.”

- Zuzanna

"The facial was fantastic! They use different techniques and tools to really provide you with the anti aging benefits you are looking for. Very excited for my next two facials!"

-  Brittany L. 

"Really comfortable experience."

-  Linda K.

"Good deal for nice massage." 

-  Sophia T.

"Very serene quiet spa music, practitioner very gentle and relaxing for facial. Good relaxation time." 
                                                                                                                                                    - Topaz G. 

"Excellent service provided by an excellent professional. This is a good choice for beauty services."

- Mayerlyn Cordero 

"Very gentle, relaxing experience. My skin felt more hydrated and I am looking forward to a return visit. Next time I will ask for some deeper pressure with the shoulder massage, but, overall, I am very happy with the experience."

- Krisitne M.

"Excellent service. So relaxing."

- Karen K.

"Very good customer services, I liked my facial a lot and definitely I will come back."

- Maria T. Garces

"Love that place."

- Aptta

"My first facial in about 15 years. My face is still glowing. Go for it. A perfect pre- or post-holiday treat."

- Elizabeth H.

“Excellent service and by far one of the best facials I've had! Thank you”

- Colleen P.

"Staff was very nice and professional, very knowledgeable and great overall."

- Candy A.

"Amazing and very reasonably priced."

- Carly K.

"Good service"

- Riffat

"I had a facial and don't have the words to express how happy I am with both the treatment and the results. I'll be back! Highly highly recommend."

- Rebecca Elliott Donley

Get there 5-10 minutes early to complete the questionnaire. It was a very relaxing experience. Great estheticians!

- Elise P.

"Wonderfully relaxing. Professional setting. Professional staff."

- Susan K.

"Only that I do recommend."

- Lisa P.

"A relaxing hour. A little difficult to find but once there it was very relaxing and quiet. I enjoyed my facial and could really see the difference after it was over. Hope I have time to go back again.

- Elizabeth Donnelly

"Very pleasant clinicians. It is a little difficult to find, so don't hesitate to call once your GPS takes you to the shopping center."

- Dorotha E.

"It's a very relaxing atmosphere. Staff very nice."

- Catherine A.


- Rebecca Elliott, Owner of Beccafit

"So relaxing. Rene was fabulous! Property was clean, staff was friendly and supportive, but no pushy. A totally enjoyable experience."

- Kathy Y.

"Very nice"

- Sara Suarez

"Be ready to spend an hour or more. Totally relaxing!"

- Annie S.


- Joann

"It feels so good. So relaxing."

- Shilpi Srivastava

"Excellent care :-). Thank you!"

- Lola

"Relaxing and refreshing. Skin felt amazing when I was finished."

- Meg

"Treatment and Customer Service were amazing at this location. A very unique facial that I will recommend to my friends."

- Jamie Kaplan


- Suzanne Tobin

"Very clean and very good facial massage."

- Lien H.

"First timer; Positive experience, slept through the enitre session. :)"

- Feroz A. on of our Basic Facials

"Very nice facial. I highly recommend Anti Aging Facial Center."

- Aggie on one of our Basic Facials

"It was a pleasant experience with modern technology. The owner, Helen seems to be very experienced in assessing the skin types and problem."
- UC on one of our Facial Treatments combined with Microdermabrasion
"Amazing, so relaxing. Men should do this more often."

- Victor

"Exactly what I was looking for...cleansing, moisturizing, stress-relieving."

- Jason Navon

'My facial was wonderful! It was very relaxing & refreshing. I feel great after! It was a wonderful start to my winter break."

- Maya El

"I love the treatments. I can see the improvement clearly. I definitely recommend this treatment to my friends."

- Sophi Nguyen

"It was lovely beginning to end. The treatment itself was a commitment but very relaxing and overall, my face looks better and my confidence is high."

- Kim Hume

"I have extremely great experience with the Non-Surgical Face Lifting Treatment! It does make me look younger and glowing! Thanks to my facialist.She is really great!"

- Jenny Tsang

"Very relaxing. The treatment was very thorough and my skin feels amazing after just a regular facial. The vibe at the office is laid back, yet professional. I wouls definitely recommend this to others!"

- Rebecca 

"It was an amazing experience, I have tried so many products and treatments but this is the only one that had the best transformation of my facial skin type. I had an excellent accommodation and relaxing reception. The experienced facial therapist did an awesome job. I will proudly recommend them to everyone to try."

Dulce Baile, RN at BCHospital BRAMPTON, CANADA

"A truly enjoyable and effective facial provided by competent and friendly personnel. Highly recommended."

- Dr. Van Lingen

The Facial therapist is fantastic!

- Catherine Pierce

"It was relaxing and the office was friendly. They recommended good solutions."

- Arifa Khan
"This is a great place to have a facial. The staff is very friendly and polite. I had a basic facial and my skin feels more hydrated and clean. Overall, the experience was relaxing and positive."

- Ideliz Negron

"Consultant is pleasant and nice experience. Will definitely return."

-  Melinda R.

"It was nice I can see the difference at the first treatment." 

-  Clarissa Chavez on our Signature Treatment

"Delightful. My treatment was soothing and cleansing. I enjoyed the facial I received. I think I would come back in the future if they have more specials available. I would recommend their services to a friend."

-  Student Intern at National Science Foundation

It was good! The Beauty Consultant is very nice to customize my facial treatment, and the facial therapist is experienced to take care of my sensitive skin. Good start for my lovely face!

- Linda Qin, Ms. Asian-American 2014 Candidate

" Wonderful treatment, very relaxing and soothing. Leaving looking much younger!!!!!"

- Tamara Price

" It was nice and relaxing when I received the treatment. It showed the improvement of the skin on my face. It was a very good experience and good treatment for the tired skin. It's definitely a wonderful experience! "

Crystal Lam,  Executive Producer -  VIETV

"So relaxing.. totally a stress reliever after a hard day's work . It's worth every visit !"

- Grace Valera,   Executive Director · Migrant Heritage Commission  

"It was great! I really loved the treatment and service."

- Solenn Cabrera, Ms. Teen Philippines - America  (Maryland) 2014 Winner 

"Before I have a rough and oily skin but after I took a facial , I felt the difference. Now I have a clean and soft face."

- Charmaine M. Antiporda

"It  feels so refreshing after the treatment. My skin looks glowing and and neat. It really feels clean. And when I touched it, it was so smooth."

- Clarice Antiporda


"All I can say is I really liked it! I've tried the Ultra Anti Aging Facial Treatment, their signature treatment. All I did was lie down and relax. Excellent service!"

- Marita Laguan